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GFA National Teen Camp 2014

A Time To Remember (and save for the next one)!
Honey and popcorn slathered on faces; chatting around the dinner table; sitting next to friends listening to teaching; having lively discussions with other like-minded people – this and much more was Teen Camp 2014.  Many people had been anticipating the tenth of April – the day Teen Camp started. The first day was spent catching up with old friends, and looking around at all the other strangers; most of which you felt you’ve known forever by the end of Camp!
We played a couple of games – which included making words with our feet, and collecting body parts in a group. (Not disassembled – don’t worry!) Some retired for the night, while others didn’t until a lot later. :-)
Over the next few days we would have our teachings. The theme was “Jesus Mode – Strutting your stuff on the Christ walk of Life”. It made me think about how I was living my life, and whether it was an example to non-believers or not. We also had reflection times, discussions, more games, and even a Challenge night over the next three days. There was a lot of laughter and fun over mealtimes, and many new friends made.
We were all sad to see Teen Camp come to an end, but we were all thankful for the privilege of being there. A big thank you to Mr and Mrs Jak for organizing it – we are really grateful for all that you’ve done! I think I can speak for all of us when we say that we won’t forget this one – and that we are looking forward to the next one. :-)       - Megan Foote

Heart Focus Parenting

Though we may know that God is after the heart, so often our parenting settles for the quick fix of external behaviour.

Our role as parents is to turn our children's hearts towards God; that they may know Him, hear His voice, and choose to walk in His ways.

Heart Focus Parenting is a collection of articles and thoughts to encourage parents to keep their focus on their children's hearts day in and day out.

Please click here to order your copy for $20.00


In times of non-conflict work on communication - probably one of the most under parented areas.

Be Clear
Be specific and direct about what you want to communicate.
Be Concise
If you take too long to get to your point, you will lose the other person’s attention.
Be Considerate
Treat your listener with courtesy and respect.
Be Consistent
Make sure your nonverbal message is consistent with your
verbal message. Also, make sure your lifestyle is consistent with what you say.
Be Comfortable
If you are nervous or uptight, you will make others feel the same way.
Be Credible
Make sure your facts are correct, and be careful about exaggeration.


Dr Steve Stephens – from "LISTS to live by"

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