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Office Hours

The Growing Families National Conference is fast approaching and we are looking forward with anticipation to all the God has in store for us.

As we will be attending the conference the Growing Families Office and book shop will be closed from Friday 11th April.  We will re-open on Tuesday 22nd April.

Please ensure that any orders you require for next term are placed by Friday 11th.

Thanks, Robyn

Parenting from the Tree of Life, Part 2, Life Children & Character


Parenting from the Tree of Life, Part 2, Life Children and Character is now available:

From Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo:

"One goal for Part Two of the Life Series is to show parents how to encourage their children to do “good” out of the love of virtue, and not from the fear of reproof. A second goal of equal importance, is to help parents connect the dots between God’s message of love and good will toward man and the character development of children. God’s love in action is an extension of His character, and training that reflects His character satisfies two human needs. First, through moral training, children learn of the nature of God, which is different than the natures with which they were born.

Second, the outward expression of God’s love is the great evangelizer, for wherever His love is shown in word or deed, there is life. Children trained along these lines become flag bearers of truth and beauty within the society. No child arrives at this level of moral distinctiveness if the home life from which he or she comes is not already conversant with such virtue. To the extent necessary, Life Series Part Two ministers to each family member in a unique way by providing practical examples of over one hundred “behavioral protocols” every child should be familiar with and embrace, especially those with the community of faith."

This DVD series is available for the introductory price of $50 for the DVD, $15 for the workbook or $60 for the DVD and workbook.  Please click here to see more about the product and to order your copy.


Character Focus


Character Focus is a short magazine put together by one of our GFA Teens every 6 weeks or so which highlights a different aspect of Character.

Each issue has a number of different components with Bible references, Australian history, activities and quizzes. It could be used in a variety of ways in your family as you look into that particularly character trait. The lastest issue is on Security.  Other issues cover  Wisdom, Gratefulness, Boldness and Patience.

You can download the Character Focus magazine free from the GFA website. Choose "Character Focus" from the drop down box under resources and each issue is available there for download.Please click here to go to the resources page.


Potty Training 1-2-3


Busy mums need a resource that gives them comprehensive information without a lot of unnecessary details and presents them with options instead of a one-size-fits-all program. Potty Training 1-2-3 provides all of that and more. The more is in the results .






What makes Potty Training 1-2-3 work?  

The combination of: 

  • Timing - Learning to recognise the optimal window for potty training your toddler.
  • Method - Learning the most effective way to teach your toddler the potty training process.
  • Motivation - Learning how to instil into your toddler a sustained excitement about using the potty on his or her own.

This resource is filled with time tested wisdom, workable solutions and practical answers to the myriad of questions that arise during training.

Check out the book info here.

To listen to our contact mum Michelle on ABC Babytalk - click here to go to the recording on the Local ABC.


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